Does our company have to be a certain size or moving to a certain location to use WSI Moving & Logistics?

If you have one employee moving to a different floor in your building to an entire staff to another state, WSI will relocate your business no matter the size or location.

What does Workspace Innovations’ moving services include?

WSI is dedicated to providing expert moving services with full-time, professional and courteous WSI Moving & Logistics employees as moving crews for your relocation from start to finish. Our services include the break down and moving of office furniture, systems and content in your business or office. We also offer packing services to minimize the disruption of moving to your employees. WSI will then set up furniture and systems in your new location based on layout design and preexisting move plan using rental carts, reusable moving totes and moving supplies.

What does WSI Moving & Logistics use to move office items?

 Workspace Innovations rents out e-bins (reusable moving totes), library carts and office carts to pack and move personal belongings, computers and other office contents. The rented e-bins are sturdy and will keep items safe and secure when stacked and sometimes placed on wheels for easy relocation. With their lockable tops, e-bins are more secure than cardboard boxes. If you choose to use cardboard moving boxes, our retail store carries a vast supply of all sizes. We can also supply packing paper, tape, and floor protection.

Does WSI Moving & Logistics offer commercial storage?

Workspace Innovations can provide 35,000 square feet of clean, organized and climate-controlled commercial storage space if needed by companies. We also prove tracking through our Asset and Inventory Management system, online access to information in your inventory (your assets) and delivery of stored items when needed.

Does Workspace Innovations have any tips on packing?

Ask your supervisor if there are any restrictions on what you are allowed to take to the new office. Ask if there are plans for new furnishings, including size of desk and drawer space. Make sure you know the details before you start packing, including the move date, what to do with furniture you’ll no longer be needing, and how to dispose of unwanted documents.

If possible, ask to see the designs for the new office, including the location of your workspace. This could influence your decision on whether plants move with you – is there enough light? – or what other types of personal items you could want to have at your desk.

Pack your filing cabinet first, then desk contents and equipment and finally personal items.