Move Management

Moving is stressful. Moving is even more stressful if a company’s manager and employees are not prepared and organized.

WSI Moving & Logistics provides a preparation checklist to all our customers for the business moving process, including: 

  • Determine a time frame and moving schedule.
  • Set up a communication plan to let customers, suppliers, and others you do business with know about your move.
  • Make a list of moving-related tasks and assign them to individuals or set up an internal moving committee to help with organization.
  • Inform employees about the move and get them involved – make sure they know their roles and what you expect of them.
  • Determine the new office set-up and style. Make sure you know ahead of time where offices will be located and where you will install equipment such as computers, printers, and copiers. WSI Moving & Logistics can support your space design needs to ensure the best optimization of your space and furniture.
  • Schedule your move date with WSI Moving & Logistics.
  • Contact your current service providers to inform them of the move and schedule installation dates for new location.
  • Establish a packing schedule, determine what can be packed in advance and what needs to be packed last.
  • Contact WSI Moving & Logistics to schedule the delivery of e-bins, labels, and packing supplies.
  • Provide packing and labeling instructions to employees.
  • Make sure to properly prepare equipment for moving, including removing any liquids and ensuring you pack and label removable parts.
  • Find out in advance where the moving truck can park to load at the old office location and where it can unload at the new location.
  • Inform surrounding businesses of your move and let them know if you’ll be blocking entrances or taking additional parking spaces.

Our moving crews and project managers have experience relocating businesses with just a few employees to hospitals and medical centers that encompass more than a million square feet. We can complete corporate moves no matter what the size, on time and on budget.