Our Process

The Workspace Innovations Business Relocation Process

To ensure we are successful with our commercial business moves time and time again, we use our proven business relocation process that includes these steps:

Initial Move Assessment

  • Identify the relocation dates.
  • Understand the rules of the move.
    • Insurance company requirements – ensure we have the appropriate coverage for your business relocation and get the necessary certificates of insurance.
    • Property management requirements – understand if there are special hours for moving, if we need to provide protection for walls, flooring, etc., or if there are special requirements for accessing the building.
    • Complete a thorough walkthrough with the customer of the office or offices that we will be moving, or the entire business.
    • Understand scope of the business relocation – will the move include:
      • Contents of the office only (with no relocations or reconfiguration of office furniture)
      • Office furniture or case goods (new or existing)
      • Systems furniture (new or used)
      • Everything in the business (we’re moving both contents and furniture)
      • Storage (temporarily storing office furniture and contents during an office renovation)
      • Asset management (electronically tracking business contents while it is in storage)
    • Identify the destination to which we will be moving the business contents and any property management rules involved there that we should be aware of.

Move Analysis

  • Identify the type and quantity of equipment needed for moving the business:
    • E-bins (no boxes unless the customer specifies)
    • Machine carts (for computers, printers, etc.)
    • Library carts (used for files/books)
    • Trucks (for moves to a different building or location)
    • Identify the Workspace Innovations movers required for the relocation. We determine the team members best suited for the job based on their skills to they match the move requirements. If the move involves systems furniture, we include furniture technicians on the project team who have been trained and certified by the furniture manufacturers.

Project Management Preparation

  • If the move involves systems furniture, our manufacturer-trained and certified designer will:
    • Work with the customer to determine appropriate floor/furniture layout for the relocated office furniture.
    • Use Giza CAD software to:
      • Show real-time views of manufacturer’s office furniture pieces.
      • Create a blue print review of the proposed furniture layout.
    • If the move involves installing existing office furniture, our office designer will:
      • Create design and layout specifications of the existing furniture.
      • Work with the customer to understand who is moving where and what should be the order in which we move the furniture.
    • Conduct any final changes or walkthroughs before moving begins, in case of last minute changes.
    • Schedule delivery of equipment (e-bins, carts, etc.) to the customer’s location.
      • Train customer’s employees on how to use the equipment, pack efficiently, and what to expect throughout the move process.

Moving Day! (Teardown and Relocate)

  • Identify each piece of equipment to ensure its appropriate placement at the destination.
  • Introduce the project management and team to the customer.
    • Each of our project managers follows our move processes and understands the customer specifications for each move.
    • The customer learns the roles and responsibilities of crew and meets them face-to-face.
    • We determine the order of the content to be moved (which employee or area of the business should be moved in which order, etc.).
    • We provide constant communication with the customer’s liaison during the load and unload process.


Review the location following the move to ensure we placed everything is where it should be, we cleaned the area of moving materials and trash, etc.

Final Punch List – Walkthrough, Sign-Off with Client

Final step: Review the install and relocation checklist to ensure we have completed all requirements to the customer’s specifications.