Business Moving Services for Your Company

Moving a business involves much more than taking furniture and equipment between your old and new location. It’s a job that requires months of preparation, logistics management and often set-up of new material. Finding a company that provides a full range of business moving services is essential in ensuring your commercial move goes smoothly.

Business moving services encapsulate a wide range of processes developed to manage a commercial move. Because the logistics of a business move are much more complicated than residential ones, look to moving and logistics partners that provide a full suite of services.

Move Management

Solve logistic hurdles well in advance with move management services. Logistics management prepares managers and employees for the move, helping establish packing schedules, coordinate move-in and move-out dates and educates staff about the processes. Move management services also help you plan effective layouts and office plans for your new location, allowing your team to get up to speed quickly in your new headquarters.

Asset Management

Some businesses hold too much inventory, files or equipment to make single-stage moves feasible. Asset management services provide warehousing and inventory control to help you keep track of your business’ assets in complex moves. Tapping the warehouse capacity of a moving partner can greatly simplify complex, multi-stage moves.

Receiving Services

Many businesses use a move as an opportunity to freshen up their furniture or match furnishings to the layout of their new office. Timing delivery of furnishings to your new location from the manufacturer can be extremely difficult. A business moving partner with a manned warehouse like WSI Moving can receive and hold new furnishings so they’re ready for your move-in date without having to time delivery with third-party trucking services.


Interior walls, large pieces of furniture and other interior elements often require assembly when they arrive in your new location. Installation services handle all on-site installation, provided by certified installers, allowing your staff to focus on the job.

Business Moving Services 

Business moving services encompass much more than basic transport. Talk with WSI Moving at 970.568.5210 to get your move started.

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