Commercial Relocation Tips from WSI Moving & Logistics

Commercial relocation is often an inevitable part of a business, however, it can be quite a complicated process without the right planning and organization strategies. By taking a few steps in the early stages of moving, you can minimize stress and ensure that your relocation goes smoothly. Here are our best commercial relocation tips for a smooth move.

Plan in advance

Moving can be an extremely daunting process so it’s important to begin planning as early as possible. We recommend notifying your employees 3-4 months in advance so that they’re prepared and on board with the plan. Begin packing up non-essential items as early as possible and call your moving company for a quote at least two months in advance. Preparation is key to a smooth move and will save your sanity in the long-run.

Make a checklist

Creating a master checklist for your big move is a great way to stay organized. Mark down everything that needs to be done before you move into your new space including packing, cleaning, and unpacking procedures. Things are often overlooked during the moving process that can end up being a huge hassle when the big day rolls around. Having a cohesive plan through a checklist ensures that everyone is on the same page and limits the possibility of obstacles down the road.

Organize your employees

Getting your staff on board and organized before moving will make your life and their lives easier. Set a date for your employees to have all of their personal belongings packed a week before the move. Make sure they clearly label their box of belonging with their name so that your movers can be more organized and efficient on moving day.

Take inventory of items

Knowing exactly what you have before relocating your business will limit the chances of items getting lost during the move. Have the head of each department take inventory of all the items that need to be moved from their department and create a master inventory list. This will help you know exactly how many trucks you’ll need for the move and will help you stay organized while unpacking.

Get rid of clutter

Moving is a great time to declutter your office space. Donate any old office supplies and equipment that you don’t need. Consider if you really need that old office furniture or that ancient copier in the break room. There are hundreds of organizations that accept donated office supplies and equipment to choose from. Decluttering will allow you to save money on moving items that you don’t really need and will give you the opportunity to acquire new equipment for your new space.

Coordinate with your IT team

Electronics are one of the most difficult categories to handle properly during a move. Coordinate with your IT team a few months prior to the move so that they can get everything in order. Cables should be removed one by one and placed into labeled zip-lock baggies. Computer monitors and other breakable items should be wrapped in bubble-wrap and organized carefully in the moving truck. We recommend purchasing an external hard drive and backing up your computers to preserve your data prior to the move.

Use a color-coding system

Moving companies typically have a system that they prefer for organizing your items, but color-coding is a tried and true method. Color-code using tape or labels and categorize boxes based on the room they’ll be going to or by department. This system will make moving and unpacking more manageable during your relocation.

Update your address

You’ll need to update your address on any printed or digital materials such as stationary, business cards, and websites. Make sure to notify the post office, bank, and clients so that they can update your contact information for billing and shipments. We recommend creating a list of clients, businesses you work with, and advertisers so that you can notify them of your change of address as soon as possible.


Communication is key during a commercial relocation. Your employees, managers, clients, and movers all need to be on the same page throughout the process. Open communication lines will put you and everyone else involved in the move at ease. Most mistakes can be avoided or easily solved through communication so be sure to clearly relay any questions or ideas before making assumptions.

Choose the Right Moving Company

The right moving company can make all the difference during your commercial relocation. Your moving company should be experienced, reliable, and transparent. At WSI Moving & Logistics, we will work with you to make your move as seamless and easy as possible. Contact us to get started on your relocation today:


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