Education Moving Services

Moving a university, K-12 school, library, or other educational organization is a complex relocation project. It involves many specialized relocation services for a number of areas with different needs, such as classrooms, administrative offices, libraries, research labs, dorms, and more. Often, as an educator or administrator, you have a lot going on and don’t have time to deal with the hassle of a complex move. As a result, it’s important to hire the right moving company that has the care and experience you need so the move isn’t more challenging than it needs to be.

At WSI, our moving services can provide:

  • Breaking down the office furniture, content, and systems and moving to the relocation site.
  • Packing services to minimize the disruption of moving your employees.
  • Design services that include inventory of existing furniture, and furniture layouts and plans for the new location.
  • Setting up furniture and systems in your new location based on the layout design and establishing a move plan in the scope of work.
  • Rental carts, reusable moving totes and moving supplies for the relocation of your business.

To ensure we are successful with our moves time and time again, we use a proven process that includes these important steps:

  • Initial Move Assessment: Identify the relocation dates, understand the rules of the move, and identify the destination.
  • Move Analysis: Identify the type and quantity of equipment needed for moving the organization.
  • Project Management Preparation: Work with customer to determine appropriate floor/furniture layout, create a blueprint review of the proposed furniture layout, conduct any final changes or walkthroughs before moving beings, and schedule delivery of equipment.
  • Moving Day! (Teardown and Relocate): Identify each piece of equipment to ensure appropriate placement at the destination and introduce the project management team to the customer.
  • Smooth-Set: Review the location following the move to ensure everything is where it should be and clean the area of moving materials and trash.
  • Final Walkthrough & Sign-Off with Client: Review the install and relocation checklist to ensure we have completed all requirements to the customer’s specifications.

The goal of any education move is to safely relocate your facility with care, precision, and integrity. Whether you are moving one classroom or an entire school, our team of professionals at WSI Moving & Logistics will ensure an exceptional experience. Contact us today for expert help in coordinating your educational organization’s move.

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