Office Moving Tips

A new office space is always exciting – once you get moved in and settled. Until then, a business move is rife with opportunities for headaches – lost productivity, misplaced assets, schedule snafus. Fortunately, most moving-day problems can be nipped in the bud with extensive planning and a nod toward these office moving tips.

Business moves always go more smoothly when you rely on experienced logistics professionals like WSI Moving & Logistics’ Move Management Services , but even do-it-yourself moves can benefit from basic organization.

Start planning early: Depending upon the size of your business and the logistics needed, you’ll need to start making plans at least six months in advance. Some large companies need two years to complete a move.

Update your address: Few businesses forget to notify customers and partners about their new address, but don’t forget to update all the places your company information appears, including:

  • Your letterhead, business cards and other basic assets
  • Your website
  • Your online footprint: Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Yelp and any other platforms on which you engage customers
  • The U.S. Postal Service: For your convenience, you can schedule a change of address up to 30 days before your move through the U.S. Postal Service

Unload IT Equipment First: Computer equipment may take a while to set up and reconfigure to your new location. Get a jump start by getting IT equipment into the new building quickly so technicians can get started early.

Schedule the Move – with Both Locations: Many office buildings require all moves to be done outside business hours. Speak with property managers at both locations to ensure you’re on the calendar appropriately for both locations. Ensure heat or A/C is left on after hours to make moving easy.

Insure Everything: Don’t assume your insurance will cover your needs. Purchase insurance if you’re renting a truck yourself, or make sure your moving company carries policies that protect your business’ belongings if they’re damaged in transit – or they damage a building during the move.

Personal Items, Personal Responsibility: Put your employees in charge of moving their personal items, not only from their work area, but from kitchens, break rooms and other areas.

Even when applying our office moving tips, your employees will need some time to get their bearings in your new office, so don’t expect to return to peak efficiency instantly in your new location.

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