Questions to Ask Commercial Moving Companies

When it’s time to move your business, your choice of commercial moving partner can make or break the project. Because commercial moves are radically different than commercial ones, knowing what to look for when selecting your mover can be difficult. Steer yourself with these five questions to ask commercial moving companies when selecting your partner.

Basic Company Information

Moving a business and moving a household are very different projects, so ensure your move is handled by a company with a track record of successful commercial moves. Ask about the company’s history an its experience with small, medium and large sized moves. While everybody has to start somewhere, it’s probably not in your best interest to give a commercial mover his first gig.


Look for a commercial moving company that uses its own staff for your move. Many companies rely on contracted movers – either on loan from another moving company or hired as temporary labor – to give them the flexibility in staffing they need. Contracted labor is often more interested in getting a job finished quickly than finished as pleasantly as possible.

Will You Provide a Written Estimate?

Every company prices its moving services differently, and it’s important to get a written estimate of costs. A good estimate will provide a line-item breakdown of the costs so you understand what you’re paying for. Inquire about hidden fees that aren’t listed on the estimate, and be wary of any figure that’s significantly lower than the others.

What Happens if Something Breaks or Goes Missing?

Even the most careful movers have occasional problems, and should have processes in place to cover accidents or loss during moving. Know claim procedures and dollar limitations, if any, before you sign on the dotted line.

Do You Have Storage Facilities?

If you’re getting new furniture to go with your move, look for a moving partner with storage facilities. Having a partner that can receive and hold your new furniture until your new space is ready will simplify the changeover.

Questions to Ask Commercial Moving Companies

Knowing what questions to ask commercial moving companies will ensure your business’ move goes smoothly. Any reputable moving partner will be willing to address your questions and meet with you to make sure you understand your estimate. WSI Moving is always available to chat about and help plan your upcoming move. Call us today at 970.568.210 to get the conversation started.

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