Strategies for Announcing Your Business Move

This is the beginning of a brand new chapter with your business, but first, you must figure out how to tell the masses! The internet allows for a million ways to announce your business move, but we have come up with a list of announcement strategies that can be done via wifi or the good old fashion way.

This list of eight ideas can be done individually, but we recommend picking a few, branding them the same, and running with it! There is no such thing as over-communicating when it comes to moving.

Here it goes:


Go old school! Send postcards to your clients, customers, and vendors.

Email Signature

Sticking a “we will be moving…” message at the bottom of every email ensures you won’t miss telling anyone that you communicate with regularly.

Press Release

Write an extremely informative but eye-catching press release that will reach local journalists. Give a brief background of your old location, why you’re moving, where your new location is and what is to come in your new space.

Email Blast

Send an email to everyone who typically receives your monthly newsletters. Announce the new location, show the move on the map and give them an incentive to come to see your new space when you’re all moved in.


Create a banner that stays on the top of your website for at least 6 months with your new address. A good rule of thumb is to draw attention to it for two months before the move and 4 months after.


Hang these around town! Ask your employees, clients, family and friends to help you spread the word.

Radio Ad

Contact a local radio station, and ask them about doing a brief interview with you about the move, or run an ad during commercials.

Grand Opening Party

Now we’re talking! Throw a party and celebrate. The word will spread fast if is there an entire event leading up to your big move. Invite your employees, their families, your family, clients, vendors and community influencers to cover the event.

While you’re busy planning your announcement strategies, allow us to help you with the move itself. We have our process down to a science at WSI Moving & Logistics, so we can help you move no matter what size or budget.

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