Joe Nugent

WSI employees like to joke that Joe spells no “Y-E-S.” It’s not just a wise crack, either, but an emblematic example of the can-do attitude that Joe made the foundation of WSI’s corporate culture. Few things are impossible to Joe, and he takes pride in leading a team that welcomes challenges as an opportunity to […]

Trevor Gehrke

Trevor worked in construction and managed a business before joining the WSI team in 2012, and that makes him basically unstoppable in the field. Working with his hands gave Trevor the skills to fix problems, attend to the most complicated install and even successfully complete custom work, which tends to make clients happy. He’s also […]

Brycen Bell

Before joining WSI in 2010, Brycen Bell played independent professional baseball, catching pop-ups on American teams before going down under to play the field with Australian clubs. If you think that didn’t prepare him for a career in moving, you clearly don’t know the logistics business: Brycen’s our team’s utility player, catching pretty much anything […]

Joshua Olson

If working in commercial moving in multiple states in the Southwest since 2008 has taught Joshua anything, it’s that he needs to be ready for just about anything. He is. When leading his teams though moves and installations, he’s constantly focused on conquering the job before him. He’s seen just about everything and solved just […]